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2023 Content Update

CPHQ Tutor is reviewing and revising its content to ensure currency with the CPHQ exam content outline that came into effect on March 15, 2023. We will complete this process by March 20, 2023.

As CPHQ Tutor evolves, we will add more content and design changes through 2023.


Articles and instructional videos (coming in Q4 2023) that cover the most challenging topics in the current CPHQ exam content. Original and curated content by a CPHQ with 25+ years’ experience in healthcare quality and 14 years of success in training candidates to be effective CPHQs.


In addition to material that address the CPHQ exam content, we also give tips to improve test takers’ scores on the actual exam. The tools and techniques we recommend are based on experience working with candidates and are battle tested.

Practice Questions

Specially crafted questions to identify areas for improvement and to condition you for the actual exam. We were the first to provide detailed explanations for answers to practice questions – understanding the rationale for our answers, not just the model answers, will better prepare you for the exam.

Get your CPHQ exam prep back on track.

What people are saying

I wanted to give you accolades for your excellent CPHQ review programs.
I particularly am appreciative of the quiz questions. I had been using other review questions to study for the exam . I found out when I took your exam questions that I had a false sense of confidence. Based on your high level questions, and really great question feedback I was able to accurately focus on the areas I needed more review on. Your articles were great for giving concise information about the areas I needed to focus on.

I credit your program, in large part, for my success with the CPHQ exam.

Thank you for the service you provide.
Cairn Ruhumuliza
Petoskey, MI
I took the CPHQ exam yesterday and scored 88%. This was my first attempt! I am so pleased with the way your service helped me to prepare. I really don’t think I would have passed the exam without using it. Your practice quizzes helped me immensely, *especially* when I got the answers wrong. Your explanations of WHY the wrong answers were incorrect really helped me understand the content. Your articles are great, too. They are the perfect length, and they include fantastic links if further reading is desired.

In short, thank you for your help!
Ashley Nelson
Louisville, KY
Happy to report in addition to other material, after I reviewed the CPHQ Tutor website, I decided to sign up to the 1 month subscription access to prepare for my May 6th exam. I studied intensely for the month and was sure I would have to re-sit as I did not have the suggested minimal 2 year working directly in Quality, as the handbook recommended. I however have a very significant interest in HealthCare Quality and as such always read and keep updated with what’s taking place in our industry. So thank you for the easy to review and apply information you provided via quizzes and very informative articles.
Jasmin B Holder
Bronx, NY
I have been a member of this site for approximately one month. Prior to joining I only took one practice exam, and hadn’t really started to study. I utilized the JB and Q Essentials books, but found your study questions to be most like what was tested. I am forever grateful for the practice exams, detailed rational, links, and articles provided by the site!

If you need more recommendations or positive feedback, I would be happy to provide that.

Sandy Weiss
St Petersburg, FL

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – 2023 Customers

Since its inception in 2010, CPHQ Tutor has ensured its content follows the current CPHQ exam content outline.

In addition, we use state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to deliver our content so that candidates can benefit fully from our materials and maximize their performance on the CPHQ exam.

We are constantly exploring novel ways of making passing the CPHQ exam straightforward and efficient.

Before January 1, 2022, CPHQ Tutor offered several subscription plans, including monthly, 1-month, 1-week, and 1-day plans. The amount of content in these plans differed – over time, members who subscribed to more extended plans, e.g., the monthly and 1-month plans, had access to more content than persons who signed up for the 1-week and 1-day plans. Content in all plans was published on a predefined schedule, i.e., for any plan, the content was not available in its entirety immediately upon registration.

From January 1, 2022, CPHQ Tutor stopped offering the above subscriptions. Instead, we adopted a modular approach, in keeping with shifting consumer preferences.

As of July 20, 2022, we have only four quizzes in our Shop. Questions from quizzes in our previous (pre-2022) subscription plans were updated to form questions in our existing quizzes. More modules will be available through our Shop throughout 2022. Like the quizzes, we will update/modify much of the content available through our subscriptions pre-2022, so no one should think the content of our latest modules is lesser than that of our earlier subscription plans. On the contrary, our content only gets better with time.

Also, from January 1, 2022, every product (module) available through our Shop is completely accessible immediately for a fixed period, e.g., one week, two weeks, or one month. The access period of the module will vary depending on its content – please read the module description before purchase. In the past, those who signed up for our monthly plan would have access to the (growing and constantly updated) content indefinitely or until they unsubscribed. Some existing members continue to access this content, even after being certified!

CPHQ Tutor is a membership site that has provided effective CPHQ exam preparation solutions at a reasonable and affordable price since 2010.

We continue to offer products that help candidates pass the CPHQ exam – we know this fact because our members/subscribers have been kind enough to give us such valuable feedback.

You will be subscribing to a product for a defined period when you purchase a module in 2022 (and beyond). You will have complete access to all the module content immediately upon signing up and paying.

As always, we consider each person who signs up for a paid product a member because they have subscribed to a membership plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Pre-2022 Customers

As with any other CPHQ exam preparation resource, the main purpose of the membership site is to help individuals pass the CPHQ examination. Membership to the site achieves this in several ways:

  1. Articles related to healthcare quality management and patient safety. These articles address topics relevant to the CPHQ exam content outline.
  2. CPHQ exam practice questions. Our CPHQ exam practice questions not only familiarize you with the content of the actual exam but also demonstrate how questions on the exam will be phrased. In addition, the answer to each question is accompanied by an explanation. Where applicable, we also provide supplementary notes that (we believe) add value to persons preparing for the CPHQ exam. As such, since 2010, our questions have proven to be an invaluable resource to thousands of individuals preparing for the CPHQ exam.
  3. Exam tips. We provide members with a variety of tips that will improve their score on the CPHQ exam, save them time and/or effort while preparing for the exam, and save them money by pointing out resources that do and do not add meaningful value.

Our methods have been highly successful in our coaching and other live training programs, hence our confidence that they work. In effect, we have (as much as possible) transferred our knowledge base gained from live programs to an online format.

Our professional one-to-one CPHQ coaching remains our flagship service and the benchmark in CPHQ exam preparation. However, we recognize that for many people, this program may not be feasible for a variety of reasons.

In summary, the CPHQ Tutor membership site offers a simple yet effective solution to:

  • Raise your score on the actual CPHQ exam;
  • Improve efficiency in exam preparation; and
  • Enjoy the convenience of an online format at an affordable price!

There are numerous factors to consider when assessing whether an individual is adequately prepared to take the CPHQ exam, i.e. has a reasonable chance of passing the exam. These include their experience (quality and quantity) in the field of healthcare quality management, their prior training, familiarity with concepts in US healthcare, command of the English language, history of performance on standardized tests, whether they received professional coaching, and many other things. Membership to the CPHQ Tutor website certainly helps to raise your examination score on the CPHQ exam, compared to a situation in which it is not used. Private coaching students of Dr Andy Teh have unlimited access to the same membership site and use its content, as well as Dr Teh’s personal notes, in lieu of any book available on the market. The pass rate among Dr Teh’s private students is 100% – as at January 30, 2021, no private student has ever earned a score less than 103/125 on the CPHQ exam. The passing score for the CPHQ exam is not a fixed number – it ranges between 91/125 and 94/125.

A small proportion of members continue their subscription even after they have passed the exam because they believe the content supports their professional work.

We reserve the right to revise the subscription fee of any plan offered on the CPHQ Tutor website without notice at any time and from time to time.

However, our long-standing pricing policy has been to maintain the same subscription fee for existing members on the monthly subscription plan, no matter what the revised fee is (it is always revised upwards). In other words, members will continue to enjoy the same monthly subscription fee as when they first joined for perpetuity or until they unsubscribe.

Because membership to the CPHQ Tutor website is a non-tangible and irrevocable digital information product, we do not issue refunds.

There is a myriad of factors that determine whether a CPHQ candidate passes or fails the exam, including experience, skills, and knowledge in healthcare quality, maturity, and examination technique. Although most members go on to pass the actual test*, we cannot offer a guarantee for various reasons. Only private coaching clients of Dr Andy Teh have a 100% money-back guarantee of a passing score.

*Our members, on average, have a pass rate that is significantly higher than the overall candidate pool in any given year. We strongly believe our resources make a difference. However, there are several potential confounding factors, e.g. individuals who join as members tend to have attributes which predispose them to achieving a passing score. (In other words, we help people pass the CPHQ exam but we are not the sole reason for them passing. Unlike many out there, we won’t make outrageous claims.)

There are several possible reasons for this.

Our software system automatically detects multiple attempts to login with a single Username. Once a limit is reached, the system assumes there has been a security breach and will prevent access temporarily. This is merely one reason why people are unable to login.

If you are a paid subscriber/member, you should not experience any issue in accessing the site. Our software has been extensively tested over tens of thousands of hours and has proven to be extremely reliable. The system that drives the CPHQ Tutor has been actively maintained and improved upon since early 2010.

Nevertheless, the occasional unexpected problem does crop up, in which case you should contact us immediately for assistance.

YES, you may unsubscribe at any time. We do not set a minimum – or maximum – period of subscription. As long as you get value from membership, you are free to remain subscribed.

There are two ways to unsubscribe:

  • Cancel recurring payments on the PayPal website; or
  • Contact our Support Team by sending an email to or using this email form.

All subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the end of the monthly subscription period by PayPal, i.e. PayPal will automatically deduct the monthly subscription fee from the funding source you provided PayPal when you first signed up. If you wish to cancel your subscription, then you need to do so prior to the end of your subscription cycle (which is around 30 days). No exceptions will be made in this regard and if your subscription is automatically renewed, we will assume it was renewed with your express permission. No refunds whatsoever will be given in this regard.

For security reasons, the system is programmed to block access if the same login credentials are used from more than a few unique IP addresses within a predefined period.

If you are unable to access the membership site, please send an email to or use this email form and we will check the access log for your account. (We will also help you log in if necessary.)

The subscription fee for any subscription plan on the CPHQ Tutor membership site will be processed by PayPal.

If you are signing up for the monthly subscription plan, you will need to have a PayPal account to pay the monthly fee. Use your existing PayPal account or sign up for one – creating a PayPal account is easy and takes less than a minute.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a one-time payment subscription plan, you can pay with your PayPal balance or with your credit card. You won’t need a PayPal account if you purchase a one-time (non-recurring) subscription, though you must still go through the PayPal website to process your payment if you are using your credit card.

If you have an issue with payment via the PayPal website, we encourage you to work with PayPal to resolve it. Alternatively, contact us at or use this email form and we’ll find a solution in less than 24 hours.

You can subscribe at any time and your subscription cycle will be valid for about 30 days. The billing cycle, which corresponds with your subscription cycle, is controlled by PayPal, not by us. If you sign up for the monthly plan, you will be billed at the start of your subscription and after about 30 days, i.e. between 29 and 31 days. The exact time you will next be billed is determined by the PayPal system.

Our system uses only PayPal as a payment gateway. You can learn more about payment gateways here. We have not experienced a single issue using the PayPal service to manage payments for thousands of members’ accounts since 2010. We may add other service providers in the future but PayPal meets the needs of the vast majority of members.

Without linking your membership with the PayPal service, monthly billing has to be done manually. This is labor-intensive and highly inefficient. Therefore, we only provide such alternative billing arrangements in special circumstances, such as private students of Dr Andy Teh, Teh & Associates alumni, organizations who need to provide their staff with access to content on healthcare quality management, and persons who wish to purchase a long-term membership, (e.g. 6 or 12 months’ duration).

In all other cases, individuals will need to make their initial payments through PayPal. Once this is done, a PayPal profile is created for them. If and when members wish to unsubscribe to the service, they can simply do so through their PayPal account by canceling their PayPal profile. Upon canceling their PayPal profile, PayPal will automatically “inform” our system that the person has ceased being a member, in which case access to the membership site will also be terminated.

In summary, in most cases, a PayPal profile will need to (A) be created and (B) continue to exist for members to access the site. This arrangement is due to our software systems interacting seamlessly with the PayPal service.

We are pleased to offer high-value content to CPHQ candidates through a membership site dedicated to CPHQ certification, the first – and still the leading – one in the world. The feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous CPHQs have used CPHQ Tutor to help them succeed in the CPHQ certification exam, and a few have even gone as far as to report the content on the site was essential in assisting them achieve a passing score.

Hosting and maintaining the membership website consumes considerable time and resources. Therefore, we require a small fee to support the ongoing costs of running the site.

If you are a member of the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), the CPHQ examination fee is $423 (if testing in the US) or $473 (testing internationally).

If you are not a NAHQ member, the CPHQ exam fee is $529 (US) or $579 (international).

Most CPHQ exam preparation resources are priced at more than $100. When the quality and volume of its content are considered, we strongly believe the CPHQ Tutor membership site offers superlative, unmatched value.

In summary, the CPHQ Tutor has proven to be an effective CPHQ exam preparation resource, and its content will continue to be available to serious CPHQ test takers for a reasonable fee.

No, we don’t.

We have made some relatively minor improvements in the content. (The HQCC has not changed the exam content outline for 3 years and counting! And the discipline of healthcare quality management does not evolve particularly quickly.) By comparison, the user interface of the new site has improved considerably. Due to the limitations of the software, you may have to click/tap the “Mark Complete” button on items (articles and Quizzes) to proceed to later content – we apologize for this inconvenience.

When logging into the new site, you will be required to change your password. This may be done by clicking or tapping on the “Lost your password?” link. You will only have to update your password once. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you are experiencing any difficulty logging in.

Consistent with our long-standing pricing policy, existing members will not be charged any additional fee (ever!) for their current subscription plans.

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