I wanted to give you accolades for your excellent CPHQ review programs.

I particularly am appreciative of the quiz questions. I had been using other review questions to study for the exam . I found out when I took your exam questions that I had a false sense of confidence. Based on your high level questions, and really great question feedback I was able to accurately focus on the areas I needed more review on. Your articles were great for giving concise information about the areas I needed to focus on.

I credit your program, in large part, for my success with the CPHQ exam.

Thank you for the service you provide.
Cairn Ruhumuliza
Petoskey, MI

Happy to report in addition to other material, after I reviewed the CPHQ Tutor website, I decided to sign up to the 1 month subscription access to prepare for my May 6th exam.

I studied intensely for the month and was sure I would have to re-sit as I did not have the suggested minimal 2 year working directly in Quality, as the handbook recommended. I however have a very significant interest in HealthCare Quality and as such always read and keep updated with what’s taking place in our industry. So thank you for the easy to review and apply information you provided via quizzes and very informative articles.
Jasmin B Holder
Bronx, NY

Thank you for providing thorough, meaningful, and oft updated content.

CPHQ Tutor was certainly a factor in my passing the exam!
Stephen Peterson
Louisville, KY

Hello, I am just writing in to let you know I appreciate the content and relevance of your articles.

I not only read them for the certification exam but also for professional development as I believe the CPHQ certification is not an end but a milestone in my journey. I found your quizzes extremely beneficial in preparing me for the exam. I scored a 119 out of 125 when I took the exam on December 28, 2011. I am waiting for my pin and certificate!
Namrata Sachdev
Orlando, FL

Well it worked,

I took the exam today and scored 86%. I thank you for your product, your reference articles were good, but I believe the practice tests is what did it! I would have been happy to have just passed, so 86% delighted me as a customer.
Boots Hawks
Stockton, CA

During his first training session, Dr Teh explained certain concepts using his website questions.

I also knew that his website had a lot of articles explaining the answers behind the questions. I realised that Dr Teh’s website was going to be immensely useful for my exam preparation and immediately enrolled for membership to gain access to both the exam preparation questions as well as Dr Teh’s well written and easy-to-understand articles. I used both diligently during my entire exam prep period and knew that no other exam book or websites could offer anything better!
Aparna Sundar

I wanted to thank you for your website! It really prepared me for the exam.

I did use your tool you recommended by taking the blank paper given at the exam and using it with the table with an alternative answer and comment ready to go back and review. It really helped so much. Tough exam but I was well prepared!
Amanda Kuenstler
Galveston, TX

I just wanted you to know that I passed the CPHQ on my first try with a very solid score.

It would not have been possible without taking this test. Thank you for sharing such a knowledge-based experience at such a reasonable cost.
Mary Jacoby
Austin, TX

I just passed my exam. 

Your online material, test quizzes, and email responses were super helpful. I just unsubscribed, so I wanted to let you know the positive outcome!
Aaron Sorensen
Baltimore, MD

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPHQ exam yesterday!!!

I have been diligently preparing for 6 mos. I don’t think I would have passed without the use of your website, articles and quizzes. It was by far the hardest test that I have taken, even more difficult than the RN state boards. Thank you again for the website and high content quality of reference materials.
Deb Ullrich

I just wanted you to know that I passed the CPHQ on my first try with a very solid score.

It would not have been possible without taking this test. Thank you for sharing such a knowledge-based experience at such a reasonable cost.
Mary Jacoby

I took the CPHQ exam yesterday and scored 88%.

This was my first attempt! I am so pleased with the way your service helped me to prepare. I really don’t think I would have passed the exam without using it. Your practice quizzes helped me immensely, *especially* when I got the answers wrong. Your explanations of WHY the wrong answers were incorrect really helped me understand the content. Your articles are great, too. They are the perfect length, and they include fantastic links if further reading is desired.

In short, thank you for your help!
Ashley Nelson
Louisville, KY

I have been a member of this site for approximately one month.

Prior to joining I only took one practice exam, and hadn’t really started to study. I utilized the JB and Q Essentials books, but found your study questions to be most like what was tested. I am forever grateful for the practice exams, detailed rational, links, and articles provided by the site!

If you need more recommendations or positive feedback, I would be happy to provide that.

Sandy Weiss
St Petersburg, FL

I wanted to say thank you. 

This site was very helpful and I passed my CPHQ today. The quizzes were a huge help.
Susan Caponi
New Hyde Park, NY

Thank you for such an excellent product and service

I had been preparing for months, but the practice tests were revelatory. I was not ready to take the exam. Your site helped me close the gaps and gave me a much greater grasp of the statistical skills needed for the test and the role. This test was among the most difficult certification exam I have taken and I’m pleased to say that I passed with a good margin. Thank you for this easy to use, formative resource.
Glenda Deahl
San Antonio, TX

I want to express my appreciation.

The CPHQ Tutor successfully prepared me to take the CPHQ Exam and I passed on the first attempt. Your questions were more complex and required critical thinking, which enabled me to complete the CPHQ Exam in less than 1 hour with a very high score.
Theresa Sullivan
Apollo Beach, FL

Hi Dr. Andy Teh, believe me or not, I only used CPHQ Tutor resources to prepare for CPHQ Exam, 

I am a full time Infection Preventionist (CIC) in our facility here in Abu Dhabi, UAE with 2 years of experience but zero experience in Quality works (I am not encouraging in any way anyone to take CPHQ without prior experience) but circumstances lead me to take the challenge of taking it. I am proud to let you know that the concepts, articles, quizzes, blog and informations you offered to us made it possible for me to score 101 out of 125 in 2017 CPHQ Examination! and yes, I passed it!
Hernito D. Bernaldez
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Just a note of thanks for the excellent quizzes and articles via the CPHQ Tutor.

I subscribed to helped me prepare for my CPHQ certification exam. I took the exam today and I DID IT! I passed and scored 103. The exam wasn’t what I considered easy but because of the prep (articles and quizzes), I was able to think my way through. Thank you so much.
Rey Rosario
San Jose, CA

Thank you very much Dr. Teh and your team for sharing your knowledge and for being an advocate of quality healthcare!

I really appreciate the way you help us to become CPHQ, took the exam last dec 12, for first try and got 105 🙂 Thank you very much once again! more power to your team and may God always bless you all!
April Ann Montoya
Hull, United Kingdom

I mailed to say thank you to you and CPHQ Tutor for the materials and your support.

I passed the CPHQ exam yesterday 112/125.
Keep up the good work.
Abayomi Michael Ajala
Bronx, NY

I am so grateful for the usefulness of your site. 

I read other resources once but felt it was rather bulky and when it came to answering MCQ’s a felt a little bit lost in locating information. I got my report card to day and I scored 102 out of 125. This wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and support.

It took me one month to prepare. I registered and used your site for only 9 days and I wrapped up all the knowledge necessary for preparedness.

Thank you & God Bless,
Aida Malik

I should have written this email long time ago, but it is better late than never. 

I have passed my CPHQ exam last May, and one of my key resources was this website. It took me only three months to prepare, and at a time of furstrations and stress, your preparation articles were really useful.
at the end thank you very much, and wish you all best. your service and guidance is really really valuable.
Mona Sherif