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About CPHQ Tutor

CPHQ Tutor is a membership website that helps Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) candidates succeed in their certification exam.

Trusted by literally thousands of candidates since 2010, CPHQ Tutor will raise your test score by providing content that point out the exam’s areas of emphasis:

  1. Articles that address key aspects of the CPHQ exam content outline;
  2. CPHQ exam tips to give you the edge on the exam; and
  3. CPHQ exam practice questions that were specially crafted to help you identify areas for improvement and condition you for the actual exam.

The Problems That CPHQ Candidates Face

Most CPHQ candidates are busy healthcare professionals—nurses, quality managers, performance improvement coordinators, risk managers, case managers, pharmacists, physicians, healthcare administrators, etc.— who don’t have the time or energy to read a voluminous manual. Furthermore, many of those who attempt to do so find the process tedious and inadequate in preparing them for the practice-based questions on the actual exam. Most people are overwhelmed by the large amount of material presented to them in printed texts. While such detailed information may be useful to the practitioner, candidates tend to prefer an approach that cuts to the chase—Cliff’s Notes instead of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Another issue was, and still is, the paucity of credible, high-quality CPHQ exam preparation products in the market (read, for example, our report of practice exams developed by persons with dubious qualifications and who are not even CPHQs); what’s more, these products are overpriced for the value they offer.

In summary, CPHQ candidates needed a quick, relatively painless, yet effective and cost-effective, way of preparing for the exam.

Our Solution

Recognizing the issues with traditional methods of CPHQ exam preparation, Dr Andy Teh launched the highly-acclaimed Teh & Associates membership website in 2010. For the first time, CPHQ candidates had access to content that enabled a much more focused, and therefore quicker and more effective, way of approaching CPHQ exam preparation. Whilst never claiming or attempting to be comprehensive in scope, the information provided to members helped them to identify gaps in knowledge and guided them to areas on which they should concentrate their efforts.

Beginning as a website that offered CPHQ exam practice questions to a small group of clients, the Teh & Associates membership site had more content added—practice questions, articles, a guide on how to use Janet Brown’s The Healthcare Quality Handbook, a CPHQ Exam Cheat Sheet, etc.—over the years as its subscriber base grew.

In addition, we have taken note of feedback from members, and used it to design the next iteration of the CPHQ exam preparation membership site, i.e. CPHQ Tutor.

Selected Features of CPHQ Tutor

CPHQ Tutor boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor. Major feature upgrades include:

  • Responsive web design. Users can now view content from a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as desktops. Go ahead and resize your browser window if you’re reading this on a desktop computer (or browse on your smartphone!). You’ll notice that as the window gets smaller, the page layout will adapt and the website remains easy to read and navigate.
  • Enhanced quiz software. CPHQ Tutor’s CPHQ Exam Practice Quizzes have always led the market in terms of content that truly helps candidates pass the exam. We are pleased to announce that the Quizzes on CPHQ Tutor are now responsive and have navigational features that closely simulate the actual CPHQ exam. We invite you to try the Sample Quiz and enjoy the user-friendly interface.
  • Improved website navigation. Visitors and users of CPHQ Tutor will experience different navigation elements depending on several criteria, e.g. login/logout status, membership level, page being viewed, etc. This will greatly improve the overall user experience.
  • Accelerated content feeding. New CPHQ Tutor members will have access to more than 50 new articles and greater than 200 new CPHQ exam practice questions each month. Due to the sheer size of our database of articles and quality practice questions (the world’s largest (!) and still growing), CPHQ Tutor can feed content for at least 12 consecutive months (as at February 23, 2020).
  • Choice of subscription plans. To meet the different needs of candidates, we now offer a variety of subscription options.
  • Faster and more secure website. Although, on the surface, the CPHQ Tutor website may appear very similar to its predecessor, the underlying code was written from scratch—this needed to be done to support responsive web design. And since we were at it, we decided to optimize the code for speed and iron-clad security too.
  • Revision of selected content to reestablish currency. We have implemented a program to review each article and CPHQ exam practice question in our database. This is a labor-intensive process that has already commenced and will be continuous.

Who Is Behind CPHQ Tutor?

Andy Teh, MBBS, MSc, PGCert, DLSHTM, CPHQ, is a recognized expert in healthcare quality management and patient safety, and a professional CPHQ coach. His contributions to the field of CPHQ exam preparation include the world’s first membership site dedicated to CPHQ certification, the first blog on CPHQ certification and recertification, and a unique personal coaching program that has seen each student pass the CPHQ exam since the program’s inception in 2009. In fact, as at February 2020, no student has achieved a score lower than 103/125 on the actual CPHQ exam! (The passing score is only 91–92/125).

In 2009, Dr Teh coined the terms “CPHQ training” and “CPHQ coaching” to describe the work he does in giving his private coaching students a winning advantage on the CPHQ exam. In the same year, he founded Teh & Associates, a consulting firm known for its rigorous methodology and uncanny ability to help clients achieve their goals. Teh & Associates now serves client organizations of all sizes in 19 different countries.

CPHQ Tutor Can Help You Ace the CPHQ Exam

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