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Not All Quizzes Are Created Equal

Before purchasing any quiz, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it written by a CPHQ, i.e. someone who has actually sat and passed the exam?
  2. Is it written by someone who understands what test takers need to know?
  3. Is it likely to provide realistic questions?
  4. Can it add real value to candidates?

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About the Editor-in-Chief

Andy Teh, MBBS, MSc, PGCert, DLSHTM, CPHQ, has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare quality management and patient safety. He is also a pioneering expert in CPHQ training, coaching, and mentorship.

In 2009, Dr Teh founded Teh & Associates, a leading healthcare consulting firm that has operations in 17 different countries.

As a professional CPHQ coach, Dr Teh has an unrivaled track record in helping candidates pass the CPHQ exam. No student of his private coaching program has scored less than 103/125 on the actual exam (the passing score is only 91–92/125).

In 2010, Dr Teh and his team launched the world’s first membership site dedicated to CPHQ certification. CPHQ Tutor is the third and most updated version of the highly-acclaimed Teh & Associates membership site.

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Stephen Peterson, CPHQ, CPhT

Thank you for providing thorough, meaningful, and oft updated content. CPHQ Tutor was certainly a factor in my passing the exam!

Again thank you,

— Stephen Peterson, CPHQ, CPhT
Louisville, KY USA

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPHQ exam yesterday!!!

I have been diligently preparing for 6 mos. I don’t think I would have passed without the use of your website, articles and quizzes. It was by far the hardest test that I have taken, even more difficult than the RN state boards. Thank you again for the website and high content quality of reference materials.

— Deb Ullrich, RN-BC, CM, CPHQ

Glenda Deahl, CPHQ

Thank you for such an excellent product and service. I had been preparing for months, but the practice tests were revelatory. I was not ready to take the exam. Your site helped me close the gaps and gave me a much greater grasp of the statistical skills needed for the test and the role. This test was among the most difficult certification exam I have taken and I’m pleased to say that I passed with a good margin. Thank you for this easy to use, formative resource.

— Glenda Deahl, MSN, RN, IBCLC, CPHQ

Aparna Sundar, CPHQ

During his first training session, Dr Teh explained certain concepts using his website questions. I also knew that his website had a lot of articles explaining the answers behind the questions. I realised that Dr Teh’s website was going to be immensely useful for my exam preparation and immediately enrolled for membership to gain access to both the exam preparation questions as well as Dr Teh’s well written and easy-to-understand articles. I used both diligently during my entire exam prep period and knew that no other exam book or websites could offer anything better!

— Aparna Sundar, MBBS, CPHQ
Executive, Medical Affairs

Dear Dr. Andy,

I am so grateful for the usefulness of your site. I read other resources once but felt it was rather bulky and when it came to answering MCQ’s a felt a little bit lost in locating information. I got my report card to day and I scored 102 out of 125. This wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and support.

It took me one month to prepare. I registered and used your site for only 9 days and I wrapped up all the knowledge necessary for preparedness.

Thank you & God Bless,

— Aida Malik, RN, BScN, MQM, CPHQ

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