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New “Mark as Read” Feature: Mark Articles and Quizzes as Read

October 8, 2013

Summary: Members of CPHQ Tutor can now mark content, such as articles and quizzes, as read using a newly implemented “Mark as Read” feature.

The CPHQ Tutor website runs on a large database, which is still growing. If you are a new member, you may find the sheer number of articles and quizzes quite overwhelming.

Yesterday, a new member had a brilliant idea—she asked us if there was a way to mark the articles as read. (Thanks KF!)

The short answer was that the site did not have an inbuilt functionality to help our members distinguish between content they had read/used and that which they hadn’t.

Frankly, we had not previously considered this issue, which has arisen partly because the amount of information available has grown considerably over the years. A site with, say, only 100 posts is far easier to navigate than one with over 3,000 posts!

We examined our options and found a solution that seemed workable.

Mark as Read

Whenever you reach a new article or quiz, you will see a “Mark as “Read”” link under the title:

Mark as Read - CPHQ Tutor

Clicking on this link will generate a prompt on the screen:

Prompt - Mark as Read? - CPHQ Tutor

Clicking “OK” will leave a line of text (itself a link—see below) under the title:

Marked as Read - CPHQ Tutor

If you want to unmark the article/quiz, i.e. mark it as “Unread,” click on the link. Again, a prompt will appear on the screen to confirm that you wish to mark the content as “Unread”:

Prompt Mark as Unread - CPHQ Tutor

Clicking “OK” will lead to the text changing to what it was originally:

Mark as Read - CPHQ Tutor

Why Mark Content as Read?

By marking content as read, you will immediately be able to tell whether you have encountered the same content (e.g. article or quiz) before. You can then decide whether you wish to read/use the content again or leave. We believe the “Mark as Read” feature will save our members time and effort in the long run, and it enhances the user experience by providing greater control over what they read (or don’t read).

We Want to Improve Your Experience

We are thankful to KF for her suggestion. We were glad that we could implement the “Mark as Read” functionality fairly quickly—it took us exactly 8 hours and 25 minutes (from the time she submitted her inquiry) to install the functionality, conduct testing, and send a reply to our member, telling her about the new feature.

At CPHQ Tutor, we welcome feedback from members and others, complimentary or otherwise, because it helps us improve the products and services we provide. If you have a suggestion on how we can make your experience as a member more enjoyable, more convenient, more productive, or more effective (in passing the CPHQ exam), please let us know by completing this Contact form. Members will receive a response within one business day, and usually much sooner!

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