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Introducing CPHQ Tutor Plus

June 1, 2015

Summary: CPHQ Tutor Plus is an add-on service that provides pertinent, concise custom answers to CPHQ exam questions (actual, practice, study, etc.) and questions related to healthcare quality and patient safety.

Do you have a CPHQ exam question (practice question, study question, or question on the actual CPHQ exam) for which you need the best answer and a clear explanation? Or perhaps a question related to healthcare quality or patient safety?

If you were a current member of the CPHQ Tutor website (any plan), we will respond to your questions – regardless of whether they are related to the subject matter, details of membership, access to the content, billing, etc. – within 1 business day. We are only too pleased to do so, and, in general, the CPHQ Tutor Support Team has met the needs of the majority of our current and prospective customers. In dealing with subject matter questions (CPHQ exam questions or ones related to a healthcare quality or patient safety topic on the CPHQ Exam Content Outline), we have not charged any fee beyond the CPHQ Tutor subscription fee.

(To be clear, our response to questions about the site, how to access the content as a member, billing, and other non-subject-matter questions will always be free.)

However, in recent months, we have noticed a trend of persons requesting help with more than a few questions (e.g. a figure closer to 50, or even 100 (!) in one case). We are humbled to be trusted with the responsibility of providing clear, no-nonsense information that enables candidates to achieve their highest possible score. Clearly, providing a high-quality service such as this necessitates an investment in time and subject matter expertise. In the vast majority of cases, we respond to technical questions (related to topics on the CPHQ Exam Content Outline) free of charge because the time and effort in doing so aren’t particularly consuming. But it’s an entirely different ball game when the number of questions per paid subscriber (member) exceeds, say, 5 a month on average. In the latter scenario, the resources required to meet the customer’s expectations exceed what can be provided by the subscription fee of any plan on the CPHQ Tutor membership site. CPHQ Tutor, in its original form, was never designed to assist individuals with subject matter questions generated by themselves or others. To deal with such questions (when they exceed a nominal figure, say 5 per paid subscriber per month), we have created a new add-on service, called CPHQ Tutor Plus.

CPHQ Tutor Plus

CPHQ Tutor Plus is a service provided to current paid members of the CPHQ Tutor website (any plan). It aims to assist members by giving them down-to-earth customized answers to their questions related to topics on the CPHQ Exam Content Outline and/or healthcare quality or patient safety. Most members will probably not require this service because they have only a few questions of this nature, and we will answer them for free.

But for those who have more than 5 per month, CPHQ Tutor Plus allows them quick and easy access to the information they need to prepare for the CPHQ exam from a reliable source. Persons preparing for the CPHQ exam no longer need to depend on non-expert opinion or speculation when what they really want is clear, concise information from a definitive source. On the other hand, by charging a small fee for CPHQ Tutor Plus, we will be able to offer a professional service that is sustainable and fair to all subscribers.

At this stage, the investment in this new service will be $57 only for each block of 15 questions, or part thereof, paid in advance via PayPal.

We encourage our members to ask any questions they may have, and we’ll respond to the best of our ability, usually within 1 business day. All subject matter questions will be addressed by a CPHQ (most probably yours truly) and answered via e-mail.

(Reminder: For members who have up to 5 questions per calendar month, this service is provided pro bono.)

For members who exceed their quota for the month (i.e., 5 questions), we will invite them to register for CPHQ Tutor Plus. If they wish to sign up for this add-on service, we will send them an e-mail invoice, payable via PayPal.

The CPHQ Tutor Plus service will be available to CPHQ Tutor members who have a current subscription only.

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