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CPHQ Exam Sample Quiz

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Question 1

As the Director of Quality at Hospital X, you have been appointed to lead a team to improve patient flow through the hospital system.

At your first team meeting, some people expressed their excitement over the new project while others were unsure of their rôles and responsibilities. After several meetings, team members disagreed on various issues, sometimes leading to heated debates. Cliques began to form within the group, and some members resisted taking on more tasks. Collective decisions were difficult to make. Over the next few weeks, the team gradually began to respect your authority as the team leader. As team members knew one another better, they began to work more closely and socialize together. It is evident that the team has developed a stronger commitment to the team goal. Meaningful progress is finally being made but your participation is still required.

What is the term commonly used to describe the current stage of team development?

Question 1 Explanation: 

Answer: A

In 1965, psychologist Bruce Tuckman described five stages of team development and behavior: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. In 1977, he added a fifth stage to his Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing team-development model: Adjourning.

Content Category: Performance and Process Improvement
Cognitive level required for a response: Application
Tasks on the CPHQ exam content outline to which the question is linked: Evaluate team effectiveness (e.g., dynamics, outcomes)

Question 2

A surgery department's monthly case review revealed twenty-six records meeting the criteria. Six records did not meet the criteria. When calculating the incidence risk, the denominator is

Question 2 Explanation: 

Answer: D

The total number of records was 32, i.e. 26 + 6. As explained in our article on Measures of Occurrence (members-only content), the incidence risk r is the proportion of new cases that occur in a population initially free of the condition during a specified period of time:

Risk Formula

Content Category: Health Data Analytics
Cognitive level required for a response: Application
Tasks on the CPHQ exam content outline to which the question is linked: Design data collection plans: measure development (e.g., definitions, goals, and thresholds)

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