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Can I become a member for free?

December 2, 2009

We are pleased to offer high-value content to CPHQ candidates through a membership site dedicated to CPHQ certification, the first (and as at September 12, 2015, the only) one in the world. The feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous CPHQs have used the Teh & Associates membership site (the predecessor to CPHQ Tutor) to help them succeed in the CPHQ certification exam, and a few have even gone as far as to report that the content on the site was essential in assisting them achieve a passing score.

Hosting and maintaining the membership website consumes considerable time and resources. Therefore, we require a small fee to support the ongoing costs of running the site. Due to a large number of subscribers/members, we have not adjusted this monthly fee for more than 24 months (as at September 12, 2015).

The non-NAHQ CPHQ examination fee (as at September 12, 2015) is $440. Most examination preparation resources are priced at more than $100. When the quality and volume of its content are taken into account, we strongly believe that the CPHQ Tutor membership site offers superlative, unmatched value.

In summary, the CPHQ Tutor membership site has proven to be an effective CPHQ exam preparation resource, and will continue to be available to serious CPHQ test takers for a reasonable monthly fee.