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Is there a guarantee that I will pass the CPHQ exam by joining?

December 13, 2009

There are a myriad of factors that determine whether a CPHQ candidate passes or fails the exam, including experience, skills, and knowledge in healthcare quality, maturity, and examination technique. Although most members who attempt the exam pass*, we cannot offer a guarantee for various reasons. Only private coaching clients of Dr Andy Teh have a 100% money-back guarantee of a passing score.

*Our members, on average, have a pass rate that is significantly higher than the overall candidate pool. We strongly believe that our resources make a difference. However, there are several potential confounding factors, e.g. individuals who choose to join us as members tend to have attributes that predispose them to achieving a passing score. (In other words, we help people to pass but we are not the reason that they pass. We’re not in the habit of making outrageous claims.)

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