CPHQ Training Program / CPHQ Coaching Program

Our CPHQ training program (later named CPHQ coaching program) is designed for busy healthcare professionals who aim to be leaders in healthcare quality management.

Teh & Associates offers a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) training program designed for busy healthcare professionals.

The CPHQ credential “recognizes professional and academic achievement by individuals in the field of healthcare quality management” and is generally regarded as the worldwide “gold standard” for the healthcare quality professional.

Our CPHQ training program is ideal for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who intend to pursue a career in healthcare quality management and who wish to be recognized as leaders in this field.

Conducted by Dr Andy Teh, Principal of Teh & Associates, this self-paced program allows acquisition of comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and skills in all four major content categories of the CPHQ exam while offering flexibility for working professionals.

Participants of this program will receive lectures, notes and other educational resources, exam tips, and personal coaching by Dr Teh, who has helped literally thousands of healthcare professionals achieve their goals.

September 29, 2020 Update

This article was originally written on February 28, 2010. Our CPHQ Training Program was renamed “CPHQ Coaching Program” in mid-2010 to better reflect the work Dr Andy Teh does with his private students.

Learn more about our range of CPHQ exam preparation solutions.

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    1. @Dr.Taher Mohammed – Thank you for your interest in our training programs. Here is a summary of our CPHQ training/coaching program – you will get:

      1. Unlimited number of scheduled live CPHQ training workshops and training events organized by Teh & Associates, my consulting firm.
      2. All published articles, notes, diagrams, illustrations, video tutorials, and other online and offline resources that I’ve prepared – you may still use a book (if you like) but believe me, the material we have is comprehensive and is more than enough theory for the exam. We follow the current exam content outline very closely, so you might want to look at that. Alternatively, our workshop program outline may give you a guide as to what you can expect (but our coaching program provides much more)
      3. All published practice questions.
      Up to 7 hours per week of personal communication with me via telephone, Skype, web conferencing, and face-to-face meetings.
      4. Other “tricks” to help you pass the CPHQ exam.
      5. A guarantee that you will pass the CPHQ at your first attempt (or else you get all your money back), provided you complete all the work I recommend.

      This CPHQ coaching program is the first (and as today) the only one of its kind in the world. The effectiveness of this program stems from the superlative content and a number of proprietary strategies. This, however, is not usually an issue – most people accept that they will pass by going through the program, which lasts about 4 or 5 months.

      The main issues are:

      1. Cost. The fees for our professional services and information products usually total around the $8K mark. This does not include travel, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses (if applicable).
      2. Acceptance. I turn away more prospects than I accept, based on a few criteria, which include personality, acumen, and motivation to succeed in the exam.
      3. Availability. My consulting firm has a healthy pipeline of work, so I’ve got to balance that with coaching of individuals. I won’t be taking any more students until late September (as at today).

      Please feel free to contact us if you’re still interested.

    1. @Dr.Taher Mohammed – Thank you for your interest. My previous comments still apply, except that I won’t be accepting any more students until August 2012 as at today. Enrollment into my private coaching program is on a rolling basis and is subject to my availability.

    1. @Ajay Mesa – Our scheduled CPHQ exam preparation workshops are generally conducted close to home, though, at the request of organizations, we are able to conduct workshops elsewhere.

      In general, there are no inclusion or exclusion criteria to join our workshops, though very occasionally we suggest that individuals review their suitability for the CPHQ program. Entry into my private coaching program is an entire different matter – I will review the prospective student’s CV, administer a pre-test and conduct an interview either in person or by telephone before accepting him or her. My aim is to work only with individuals who have the necessary motivation and acumen to complete my coaching program and to succeed in the CPHQ exam.

    1. @Luz Atiyat – Thank you for your inquiry. We help CPHQ candidates prepare for the exam in a number of different ways. Provided you meet our strict entry criteria, my private CPHQ coaching program is the fastest and easiest way to become certified. No books, no late nights, no pain. Everything will be easy. (People like Dr Aparna will even tell you the program is fun!) I guarantee a passing score or you get all your money back. The catch is that this program is not going to be cheap because it takes up my time, and my time is valuable to my clients and me. If you need someone to provide guidance and be a mentor to you, I might consider accepting the job – please write to info@tehandassociates.com with your CV and a brief description of your objectives and exactly what sort of assistance you need. Our other solutions include CPHQ exam preparation workshops, CPHQ exam practice quizzes, and of course the world’s first and only membership site dedicated to CPHQ certification.

  1. I’m interested about this program CPHQ , I live in Rosemead ,Ca., where is your closest venue , doesn’t drive far . How long is the program ? What does it cover ?


    1. @Rosalinda – We don’t have any plans to conduct a CPHQ exam preparation workshop in California this year. I run a one-to-one coaching program, in which I am willing to travel to anywhere in the world to meet my students (and I have!). However, due to other work commitments (especially helping hospitals achieve Joint Commission International accreditation), I am not accepting new students till at least January 2014. The duration of our coaching program is dependent on several factors, but is generally between 3 and 4 months. All our CPHQ exam preparation workshops, and other CPHQ-related programs, cover everything in the current CPHQ exam content outline, and a little more (for greater margin of safety – “insurance,” if you like). Our CPHQ coaching program is highly personalized to the individual candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning style, and is probably the most comprehensive and most effective program on the market today. No other CPHQ exam preparation program boasts a 100% pass rate for more than three years running.

  2. I have taken the test twice this last time I felt very confident that I wojld pass, however I did not. I studied Janet Brown’s book, prep course books and test questions. What can I do? I have always exceled at things. Do I have test anxiety? I need help at low cost I have spent $880 on test and hundreds more on books.

    Michelle Zimmerman

    1. @Michelle Zimmerman – You might like to read the following article: “What Is the Best Way for Me to Pass the CPHQ Exam?”. In summary, I suspect you have the ability to pass the CPHQ exam but the resources you chose were evidently not the most appropriate for your set of circumstances, e.g. knowledge base, experience, learning style. We no longer recommend any particular book to “study” for the CPHQ exam – books may be useful for reference, but the vast majority of people actually perform better not “studying” from textbooks (or any other form of voluminous text) but reading concise notes/viewing videos/attending courses/etc. that target areas for improvement.

    1. @Veretta Elmore – To locate your nearest Testing Center for the CPHQ exam, go to this page and enter your zipcode or click on your state in the map. All the best for the exam!

    1. @d s chakravarthi – We can provide CPHQ training/coaching in India. Because my private CPHQ coaching program is conducted one-on-one, the country/venue/location of coaching/training is determined by my students, not me. Some face-to-face contact time will be required. The program is extremely effective (100% pass rate after 5 years!) but the cost is beyond the means of most candidates – the average cost per student is around $12,500, which includes my professional fee, travel and lodging. The waiting list is also an issue – the earliest I am accepting new students is February 2016 (as at today). Everything else you need to know is found in my reply to an earlier inquiry about my CPHQ training/coaching program. If you have any more questions, feel free to post a message below or contact us by e-mail.

  3. Sir,

    Kindly note that i would like to participate in CPHQ Course .Do you have online training.




    1. @ROJI T GEORGE – My CPHQ coaching program is customized to meet the needs of my students. Although much of the materials used in the program can be delivered over the Internet, I recommend some face-to-face contact time. The 2 biggest issues at the moment for people considering this program are:

      1. The long waiting list – you’ll have to wait approximately 8 months to enter the program as at today (demand is high!); and
      2. Cost – my professional fee alone starts from $8,500 and doesn’t include travel, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses.
  4. I will greatly appreciate any information available as to were I can register to STUDY THE COURSE to become a CPHQ certified professional – I currently work as a Utilization Review nurse & feel this might be a good certification to purse other avenues.. Thank you in advanced for any information you can provide..

  5. Dear Mr. Andy Teh,
    Iam working in Bahrain. I would like to know about the CPHQ courses//coaching available in bahrain.
    Thanks and regards,
    Dr.Alice Franklin

    1. @Alice Franklin – My private CPHQ coaching program is closed to new students till at least April 2017 due to my current commitments. My students are located throughout the world, including the Middle East. We do not have any CPHQ exam preparation workshop scheduled in Bahrain in the remainder of 2016.

  6. Dear Andy teh,
    do you have any training institute in hyderabad, india
    if there, let me know the details,
    thank you with regards

  7. Good Day Dr. Teh,
    I’d like to know if I can take the CPHQ training course in Saudi Arabia – Dammam
    and if there is an online program I can have.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Amal Abed

    1. @Amal Abed – Thank you for your interest in our CPHQ exam preparation programs. We don’t offer any courses in Saudi Arabia at this time. I’m aware of some CPHQ training events in SA that happen from time to time, but we cannot recommend any. Likewise, we know of some “programs” which are fully available online, but we believe selected live offerings (predominantly in the US) provide far superior value and effectiveness.

  8. HI, I am from Kingdom of Bahrain (middle east). i would like to know that CPHQ has exam center in Bahrain.

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