CPHQ Tutor: Responding to the Needs of Serious CPHQ Candidates

October 1, 2020 Update

CPHQ Tutor is undergoing another upgrade in Q4 2020. This will be our biggest upgrade to date, with a slew of new features and content coming

CPHQ Tutor provides online CPHQ exam preparation resources that target key issues on the exam content outline and meet the changing needs of CPHQ candidates.

The History Behind CPHQ Tutor

In early 2010, some students in my CPHQ coaching program asked me to write practice questions to help them prepare for the actual exam. I received positive feedback, which encouraged me to write some more questions. By mid-2010, I had enough questions in the database to launch a website, which enabled the broader community of CPHQ candidates to access the questions easily via the Internet, at any time of the day, no matter where they were, and without breaking the bank. At that time, the site was called the “Teh & Associates Membership Site.”

Even back in 2010, marketers were offering products put together by persons whose credentials for developing CPHQ exam preparation products were suspect.

The good news is that those early players have left the scene. If you’re out to make a quick buck, that’s what you get (a quick buck!) but proffering substandard products is not a sustainable business model.

No (real) mission, no (real) progress.

The bad news is that there are still an alarmingly large number of products of dubious quality out there. (Addendum October 1, 2020: This is true even in Q4 2020!) It may be difficult for the average CPHQ candidate to tell the difference between a product that offers real value and one that does not (before they actually try them, that is), so I’m sharing my minimum criteria for a decent, if not good, CPHQ exam preparation product.

Five Common Sense Criteria for Picking CPHQ Exam Prep Products

  1. Proven track record of helping to raise scores on the actual exam
  2. Proven to work for candidates with a professional background similar to yours
  3. Written by a respected CPHQ, preferably one with a track record of helping others pass the certification exam (this point seems to escape some people; it’s also missing in virtually all marketese out there)
  4. Written by a CPHQ with practical knowledge and experience in the tasks on the CPHQ exam content outline
  5. Developed by people who understand your needs (this usually comes from working with thousands of customers just like yourself)

Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it?

You may think the list above is “biased” because my company also offers the resources available at CPHQ Tutor. I think the criteria are valid and would be on any CPHQ candidate’s mind if they were seriously considering purchasing products to speed track their exam preparation.

There is a potential conflict of interest – as opposed to “bias” – on my part by sharing with people what criteria they might like to use when they shop for products to help them prepare for the exam.

Providing a practical, no-nonsense criteria list doesn’t mean you have to buy any of our offerings. (If you don’t spend a penny here, we’ll still love ya.💗)

We encourage people to evaluate all the products on the market against a list of predefined criteria that makes sense, and to make their purchasing decisions accordingly. That way, we (and others) will know whether we are doing well enough to meet your needs, or otherwise.

By the way, I don’t see any other party helping candidates with their purchasing decisions besides spewing out sales copy. If you have other criteria that you use when you purchase CPHQ exam prep materials, please share them in the “Comments” section below or write to me – I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on how we can improve!

What Makes CPHQ Tutor Different?

I don’t have to describe the main features that make the CPHQ Tutor website stand out from the crowd because they can be found on this page.

Nevertheless, it might be worthwhile highlighting a few features that were developed in response to information gathered by listening to our customers over the years.

  1. Responsive web design.
    Our websites have always been user-friendly. However, we’ve observed a trend towards tablets and smartphones, instead of desktop and laptop computers, when accessing our websites. This consumer pattern is not unique to CPHQ candidates – almost everyone seems to appreciate the convenience of finding information on the Internet via their mobile devices. Therefore, several months ago, we quietly started work to create a website (CPHQ Tutor) with a responsive design, i.e. a design that will adapt to the size of the user’s screen. This design allows users to read and navigate the website’s content easily from their mobile device. Our beta testers were highly complimentary of the responsiveness of the CPHQ Tutor websites, so all the other Teh & Associates websites will undergo a conversion to a responsive design in the coming weeks. (Addendum October 1, 2020: All our websites have been fully responsive since January 2014.)
  2. Easy payment options.
    All our Internet transactions are processed by PayPal, which keeps these transactions secure, reliable, and fair for all parties. In the past, customers have, for some reason or other, chosen not to open a PayPal account to support recurring payments, or were unable to do so because of restrictions imposed by PayPal. To deal with this issue, the CPHQ Tutor website now supports one-time payments. One-time payments through PayPal do not require you to open a PayPal account.
  3. Superb quiz interface.
    The new quiz software that is being introduced with CPHQ Tutor is a major upgrade. For example, users can easily navigate between questions, whether or not they are contiguous. If you’ve just completed Question 7 and want to jump to Question 21, no problem. If you want to jump from Question 21 to Question 8, no problem. Users can go back to questions that they had previously completed to review them and change their answers if they like. The entire quiz is designed to remove all potential distractions and is 100% responsive (it looks great on any device). No other provider in the market today offers CPHQ exam practice quizzes that are responsive. Therefore, the responsive nature of our CPHQ exam practice quizzes marks another first in CPHQ exam preparation for Teh & Associates. I could go on and on about the new design of our quizzes but it might be better if you try our new CPHQ Exam Sample Quiz (the link to this Quiz is temporarily disabled).

CPHQ Tutor Subscription Plans

We offer a variety of subscription plans to meet the different needs of CPHQ candidates. What was previously sold as “CPHQ Exam Practice Quizzes” are no longer available; however, we offer two very similar (and probably better) products:

  1. One-day membership plan: 3 Quizzes (24–35 questions each); total of 85 Questions; 1-day access.
  2. Seven-day membership plan: 4 Quizzes (24–35 questions each); total of 111 Questions; 7-day access.

You can also select a 1-month plan or a monthly plan.

CPHQ Tutor Is Responsive to Your Needs

Much investment of time, thought, and resources (as well as good ol’ fashion TLC) has gone into building CPHQ Tutor. (We wouldn’t have it any other way!)

The CPHQ Tutor website is testimony to our desire to meet the needs of CPHQ candidates and advance the field of CPHQ exam preparation. As the needs of CPHQ candidates evolve over time, we will continually strive to stay ahead of the pack.

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